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HATHA YOGA – 200 Hrs

Yoga is essentially an art of science that crafts the perfect harmony of physical, emotional and social wellbeing through a wide variety of techniques imbibed from Indus Saraswathi civilization. In the yogic mythology, Lord Shiva is considered as Adiyogi or Adiguru. He transferred his sagacious knowledge to the Saptarishis and they propagated this to different parts of the world. These techniques, confined to Vedas and Upanishads were redesigned by Patanjali, so that these can be accessed by every human on earth to rejuvenate his or her’s mind and physic for a disciplined, healthy and prolonged life. Thus came to existence the concept of Hatha Yoga: the symphony of spiritual and physical practices leading to awareness of inner consciousness or self realization.

Yog Vidhya Pratisthan, nested in God’s own country is an internationally registered Yoga School where you can experience the magical feel of Yog Sadhana and get yourself revitalized.. We proudly introduced 200hrs Teachers Training course in varkala and Haripad. Our  Course is designed to bring the students in to the world of great tradition of HATHA YOGA. Our  experienced teachers will navigate you in to world of Hatha yoga, philosophy, kriyas ,Bhandhas and mudhras and the subtle aspects of pranayama. This course will qualifies you to teach yoga in a professionally diginified manner.