• Yog vidya pratishthan , centers in varkala & Alappuzha , since 2016, registered yoga school, 200hrs HATHA YOGA,  under yoga alliance us. we conduct 200 hrs teachers training course .
  • Along with the prescribed syllabus we give give additional lectures on philosophy of Gayatri Mantra , Pranava mantra, pranayama , indian philosophy in English literature and last but not the least we introduce our great Guru Adi Shankara. Tattwabodha, Athmabodha & vivekhachudamani will be introduced .
  • our weekly seminar on different subjects will help the students to improve the knowledge on indian philosophy. 

           Around 70 asanas will be taught and detailed lectures on yoga philosophy , yoga sutra, gheranda samhita,

           Hatha yoga pradipika   could pave way to understand the Yoga as philosophy and the application level of yoga as                   such.

  • our satsang , Mantra chanting  , meditative country walk , philosophy of Surya namaskar, (Spiritual level) could  be the road that directs the students in to a spiritual life as such.


  • we normally finish the  200 hrs course in one month but we extend the days , free of cost , to another 5 days for special lectures on malayalam language , malayalam literature & indian writing in English.



        December 1-26 , January 1-26 , february 1-26 , March1-26.